We believe that a great workplace culture is built on great leadership and excellence in safety, health and wellbeing.

It’s not about compliance, it’s all about commitment and care. So we'll work with you to positively and sustainably change the way leaders lead, people behave and teams interact in the workplace. As a result, you’ll attain standards of excellence in safety that you never before thought possible.

We raise awareness and understanding, boost engagement, and empower people at all levels in the organization to think more clearly and behave brilliantly when it comes to workplace risk, safety, health and wellbeing. Our clients also report more focused leadership, enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, reduced accidents and absence, improved morale and a wealth of ‘good news stories’ as additional by-products of the work we do.

As your catalyst for change we’ll provide you with a range of expert advice, practical tools and techniques for you and your people to use in your workplace to galvanise commitment, drive progress and gain immediate and lasting results.

Strategic Review, Development and Future-Proofing

For today’s organization, safety, health and wellbeing isn’t just about knowing where you are now, but also forecasting and planning for the future.

  • The Safety Culture Compass© - Critical Review / Design and Development of EHS Strategies
  • Key Performance Indicator and Balanced Scorecard development
  • Vision versus Reality© Gap Analysis
  • Operational Safety Management System Design & Development
  • Executive Development and Coaching
  • Safety Competence & Talent Review, Development and Succession Planning


If you’re looking to create not just an event, but a real experience that people wont be able to stop talking about, look no further.

  • Workplace Safety Days
  • Workplace Wellbeing Days

Our full-day events – and our interactive workshops – all include the option of creating a bespoke artwork for your organization, as our Business Visualizer Edwin sketches and draws the action live as it happens. At the end of the day you’ll have your very own mega-size poster or mural to keep as a clear record of your work activities, and to use in disseminating and communicating key messages. Just ask us for more details.

Research & Development

Several of our highly qualified team undertake specific assignments in both commercial and Academic Research in the fields of Psychology, Culture, Behavioural Change, Wellbeing and Risk Management. If you’d like to discuss bespoke research, please get in touch.